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Enhance Fleet Management and Security with FMM13A and CAN CONTROL with IMMO

Fleet tracking solutions

Welcome to a new era of smart fleet management for car rental companies.

Teltonika's Trackers and CAN CONTROL with IMMO option provide cutting-edge telematics solutions to streamline operations, ensure security, and optimize your car rental business.

Real-time Fleet Visibility

Chart the Path to Success: GPS Fleet Tracking for Smarter Operations

Key Features

Use Cases

Real-Time Fleet Tracking

Real-Time Fleet Tracking

The device offers real-time GPS tracking, allowing car rental companies to monitor the location of their entire fleet at any given moment. Stay informed about the whereabouts of each vehicle, enhancing efficiency and reducing response times.
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Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics (CAN CONTROL)

Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics (CAN CONTROL)

CAN CONTROL provides access to comprehensive vehicle diagnostics, offering valuable insights into the health and performance of each car. Monitor fuel consumption, engine health, and other critical parameters to optimize maintenance schedules and reduce downtime.
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Immobilizer Option (IMMO)

Immobilizer Option (IMMO)

The IMMO option adds an extra layer of security to your rental fleet. Remote immobilization capabilities allow you to take immediate action in case of unauthorized use or emergencies, ensuring the safety of your vehicles.
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Our solution seamlessly integrates


FMM13A and CAN CONTROL devices with your car rental fleet.

How It Works

Our solution seamlessly integrates the GPS Tracker and CAN CONTROL devices with your vehicle. The Immobilizer option provides an additional layer of security, allowing you to remotely control the immobilization of vehicles through our user-friendly platform.

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