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Cost Monitoring


You can track vehicles, monitor driver behaviors, and so much more with Ajna Fleet Management Platform.


Receive notifications in case of exceptions and high-risk events so you can take rapid action and provide assistance if required

What we do

Advanced Tracking Features

Fuel Monitoring

Fuel consumption from the vehicle over the air in real time. This information is summarized in reports and allows you to get an overview of costs and driving behavior's.


Our dashboard gives you insights into distance traveled, route map, fuel level, idling hours, and more! Analytics and reports help you keep track of fleet operations.

Integrated Navigation

Would you like to view vehicle location on map correlated with speed or an event ? Do you need to communicate with your drivers in a simple, and economic way?

Toll & Fuel Calculation

Multiple routes differentiated by Cheapest and Fastest route in addition with no toll routes and other available routes.

Replay Route Maps

View all the journeys and routes taken on a day.

Geo-fences Alert

Complete control and protect your assets and business. Get alert when the vehicle eneters or exits geofence.
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